Wikipedia – This resource never ceases to amaze me. When I came across a financial topic that I needed clarification on, Wikipedia was always there.
Investopedia – Has all the information that a novice investor needs to get started.

Uncovering Alpha – The blog of individual investor Zack Buckley. Zack has been traveling throughout China visiting US-Listed Chinese companies and reporting on his visits.
Trading China – An excellent amalgamator for information on US-Listed Chinese companies.
Yahoo! Finance – Good one-stop shop for company information. It makes navigating through news and SEC filings a breeze.
Jason Nevader’s Research Blog – Independent analyst whose numbers have been right on the money.

The Motley Fool – The Fool offers insightful commentary while wearing its sense of humor on its sleeve. Also, their views on the very concept of investing are well worth an exploration.
Seeking Alpha – An excellent open forum. At Seeking Alpha, one can find some excellent commentary on general market trends and individual stocks.
Wall Street Media – Its founder’s welcoming mannerisms make this source’s analyses a joy to digest.